3 comments on “SAS, R and categorical variables

  1. Ken,

    FIrst of all, kudos for your and Nick’s wonderful blog.

    That is quite a valid point, specially in a huge enterprise like SAS. Even R has it’s idiosyncrasies, as you well know. However, manipulating categorical variables is a pretty fundamental data management task. PROC MIXED itself is good and popular, even among the non-SAS-philes, and so why such a fundamental data manipulation would be ignored in a very popular PROC befundles me.

  2. Thanks for those kind words. I completely agree with you. There are a few procs which have a sensible (and fairly broad) set of options for parameterizing categorical variables, and this ough tot be adopted by all procs, IMO. OTOH, it wasn’t too long ago that there was no class statement for logistic regression– all categorical variables had to be recoded by hand. So– progress may be slow, especially when the code is not written by volunteers, but it does come eventually.

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