2 comments on “RStudio 0.94.92 visited

  1. I agree, the RStudio gang is doing really well. Thanks for the Alt-dash tip, I had missed that handy feature. My wishlist is down to just two items: allow the panes to split into separate windows & integrate Deducer into it. The combination of good programming support and menus for non-programmers would be extremely popular.

  2. Great works so far. RStudio is doing an amazing work. But I still wish one thing, I hope someone can communicate this to them:

    * The possibility to start more than 1 instance of RStudio sessions. Take for example if you are doing a “heavy” duty computing with RStudio and the preprocessing gonna last for about 10 mins, you can’t do nothing other than wait; I think it will be cool, if the RStudio guys figure out a way for one to start another instance or session of RStudio… this will enhance productivity especially if you are into multiple tasks to do!

    If they can add this to their “ToDO” list, it will be awesome

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