Month: March 2010

R amusements

On a lark, and to kill a bit of time, I was running the R fortune command looking for references to SAS. Here’s what two successive random fortunes turned up. Can there be two more antipodal opinions about the same product? I laughed out loud.

> fortune(‘SAS’)

There are companies whose yearly license fees to SAS total millions of dollars.
Then those companies hire armies of SAS programmers to program an archaic macro
language using old statistical methods to produce ugly tables and the worst
graphics in the statistical software world.
— Frank Harrell
R-help (November 2004)

> fortune(‘SAS’)

For almost 40 years SAS has been the primary tool for statisticians worldwide
and its easy-to-learn syntax, unsurpassed graphical system, powerful macro
language and recent graphical user interfaces have made SAS the number one
statistical software choice for both beginners and advanced users.
— Rolf Poalis, Biostatistics Denmark (announcement of the SAS to R parser
R-help (April 1, 2004)