Dr. Abhijit Dasgupta is a consulting statistician/data scientist in the Washington DC metropolis. He is fascinated by the innovative use of data analytic methods to gain insight and tell substantive stories, using modern methods for modeling, simulation and visualization.

A PhD-level biostatistician by training, Dr. Dasgupta currently works to bridge the statistics-machine learning divide, by merging machine learning methods with sound statistical thinking and principles to help enhance our ability to derive intelligence from data. He now has over 50 peer-reviewed research and collaborative papers in areas ranging from bioinformatics, cancer research and operations research to methods for cluster analysis and intelligent robust modeling. He also consults for local startups doing bioengineering, business analytics and bioinformatics. Dr. Dasgupta also helps train companies in using R for their analytics needs, leveraging over 20 years experience using R and Python for data analyses and reporting.

Dr. Dasgupta also works to build the local data community, organizing the Statistical Programming DC meet up and serving on the Board of Data Community DC.

Contact information:
Abhijit Dasgupta, PhD
Twitter feed: @webbedfeet